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What Makes A Good Travel Cigar Case?

If you’re like us and enjoy the twin pleasures of seeing the world whilst enjoying a good cigar, you may be looking for a way of transporting a selection of cigars and cigar tools wherever you go. A travel cigar case that will help you easily carry and keep your cigars fresh when on the road.

There’s no accounting for aesthetic taste, of course, but we’ve put together some things to look out for when browsing different options to ensure your cigars stay fresh, wherever you are.

How The Case Stores Your Cigars

There are several strata of cigar storage you should consider – from a full travel humidor to a simple pouch. The type and quality of storage has a significant impact on the life and smoking quality of the cigar.

Should you select a travel humidor, you can get a good length of life out of your cigars but there is only so much it can do. A humidor’s entire purpose is to maintain absolute consistency of humidity and the reality of traveling means that this is going to be difficult. The humidor will be opened regularly and jolted around, plus they generally do not offer storage for a smoker’s other tools like lighters and cutters. A travel humidor can be very helpful, and probably vital for longer trips, but is not necessarily the answer.

The next best option for cigar longevity is a quality cigar case. At the very least it needs to have fingered slots for individual cigars, and ideally the part of the case that holds the cigars needs to be made of something other than leather to avoid affecting the taste. Cedar wood is a fantastic option for this – it naturally absorbs excess moisture and maintains a cigar-friendly atmosphere for a day or two. You can at a 2-way humidity pouch which will keep a constant humidity level for up to 3 months.

To even further lengthen the life of the cigar, keep them in cigar tubes within the travel case. That’ll give you the best chance of a fresh smoke wherever you find yourself.

What The Case Is Made From

To an extent, build material is a matter of taste but there are still some objective benchmarks that you need to look for when evaluating a cigar case.

It’s hard to go wrong with high-grade leather for a long-lasting and great-looking case. You’re might be taking it everywhere with you, so it needs to be built to withstand bumps, scrapes and even being dropped. Good leather, as well as being tough, has an elegant and classy look and feel – so you can also indulge your instinct to show off.

However, as mentioned in the previous section, for the actual cigar storage within the case leather isn’t the best material. It can scratch the exterior of the cigar and affect it with a leathery taste that you don’t want. So look for cases that have an internal sealed rack made of something naturally smooth, absorbent and flavour-neutral like cedar wood.

The Weight & Size Of Your Cigar Case

We are talking about a case for traveling so it needs to be a reasonable size and weight without sacrificing quality or storage.

The case, of course, needs to be big enough for the size, shape and number of cigars you will be taking with you. It also needs to be big enough to safely carry your lighter, rest and cutter so you have everything you need wherever you are.

It’s also nice to have a case that is a comfortable size and weight for carrying, but is not too light or ‘cheap’ feeling. A bit of heft can be a good thing!


There are other aspects of a travel cigar case that come down to the preference of the individual – these are simply three of the things we think are most important. If you’re looking for a travel case, our own Hemingway Edition is an elegant, classy yet robust option that will keep cigars in great shape for two-three days: perfect for a weekend away.

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