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For the cigar smoker, a smoke is never just a smoke. It is a passion – a ritual, a retreat. It is a tactile, visceral experience that invigorates all of the senses.

Everything is important – from the provenance and harvesting of the tobacco, the fastidious craftsmanship of the cigar itself, the feel of the case, the weight of the cigar cutter and the heft of the lighter.

True enjoyment of cigars is an obsession for some. A lifestyle for others. An art form for a few.

For us at Puro Prestige it is all three. We know cigars, and we know cigar smokers. Without hubris we can say that we consider ourselves connoisseurs. Our products are painstakingly crafted and sourced to facilitate true enjoyment of all that surrounds the artistry of smoking.

Puro Prestige is where you can find the finest cigar accessories in the world.

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  • The Arbuturian
  • Harper's Bazaar
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  • Cigar Aficionado
  • Is the Puro Prestige cigar case the best one yet? -Dirk, @dutchcigars

  • A travel case that's fit for purpose and looks great too Paulo, Lisbon, Portugal

  • The craftsmanship and attention to details is amazing... -Lisardo Vivas, @lisardovivas

  • In love with the Hemingway travel cigar case -MrAFeather, @mrafeather

  • Absolutely stunning -The Cigar Smoker, @thecigarsmoker

  • Gorgeous case -Felicitas Stein

  • Great craftsmanship -Nathan Smith

  • The case, in my opinion, looks incredible -Scotty Habanos

  • Nicest case on the market -Matt Messerly

  • One of the more beautiful cases we've seen -Boveda

  • Will definitely recommend -Tony Koneski, Australia

  • A lovely new travelling humidor, designed with the cigar lover in mind -The Arbuturian

  • A perfect post dinner talking point -Harper’s Bazaar

  • I recommend the case to everyone who asks about it -Gabriel P