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What Gift To Buy A Cigar Lover

Got someone in your life who enjoys a quality cigar in the evening? Cigar smoking is a hobby that comes along with many tools of the trade that make great gifts. But if you’re not a smoker yourself it can be very difficult to tell what you should get someone – there are so many different brands and products out there.

Below are a list of some of the different gift ideas to help you make a decision.

  • Cigar lighter

Cigar lighters are different from your ordinary BIG lighter. They use different fuel, they have a hotter flame and their construction and engineering is a far higher level. Prices vary wildly – you can get a solid Xikar lighter for around £50-60, all the way up to a gold-plated ST Dupont for £15,000 or even higher. What you get really depends on your budget and the taste of the person you’re buying for. A personal favourite of ours is the ST Dupont Maxijet – in terms of price it’s midrange, and it has a sleak, classy look.

  • Cigar cutter

A cigar cutter is vital for any regular smoker, and there are a lot of different options available. While they don’t vary in price anywhere near as much as lighters do, there are still a range of options depending on budget and taste. A safe bet is a simple guillotine cutter like the Xikar XI1 or the ST Dupont Maxijet cutter. Other types – like punch cutters or v-cutters – may not be to everyone’s taste.

  • Humidor

If you have the budget, a humidor is a great gift for a cigar smoker. As well as keep treasured cigars fresh, they can be beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that really add a sense of class to a room. Even if your cigar smoking friend already has a humidor a new one can’t hurt – many people prefer to keep different cigar types of brands separate in order to protect their individual flavours, and some older humidors start becoming less effective so a new one could be helpful. Once you have a budget in mind, have a think about the recipient’s taste in furniture as you choose the right humidor.

  • Ashtray

When smoking a fine Cuban, you don’t want to be ashing into a plastic tray with slots designed to rest cigarettes. Cigar ashtrays, as well as designed to allow a cigar to rest comfortably on the side, can be beautiful examples of craftsmanship. A really nice cigar ashtray can be a gorgeous centerpiece to a coffee table. Again, it comes down to taste and budget, but we are big fans of Baccarat clear crystal ashtrays.

  • Travel case

We couldn’t put together a list of gift ideas without talking about our own travel case could we? We built our cigar cases with the traveling smoker in mind – to keep his tools and cigars safe when on the move. They’re made from quality leather, built to last, and come ostrich-style leather or camouflage to suit different tastes (we will also be launching blue cases soon).

  • Gift packages

Can’t decide what cigar accessory to treat your loved one to? Then a gift package could be the way to go. We have put together a variety of gift packages ourselves that include a travel case, a cigar rest, lighter, cutter and cigar tubes. These come at a 10% discount off the price of the individual items so are a good value way to treat any cigar fanatic.


So there you have it – our top gift ideas for a cigar lover. We hope this blog will be helpful for you to choose the perfect present to put a smile on the face of whoever is receiving it.


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