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Your Travel Companion

Traveling and cigar smoking: two of our favourite pastimes. Our cigar travel cases are our way of addressing the needs of both these activities. We’ve created a cigar case that exudes both the British tastes for class and pragmatism – every practical need is catered for in a way designed to impress both the aesthetic and tactile senses. A Puro Prestige cigar travel case is more than an accessory; it’s a companion.

The Hemingway Edition
Blue Leather

The Hemingway Edition is the pinnacle of style, class and pragmatism. Understated yet sophisticated, practical yet stylish, it is a truly British artisan product. It can hold four cigars up to ring gauge 60 and up to six and a half inches in length, or 4 Siglo VI size tubes.

Every Puro Prestige cigar travel case shipped comes with a 24k gold plated cigar rest from us at Puro Prestige as a thank you for your custom.

Order your exclusive Hemingway Edition cigar case in blue leather now for £285.00.


Material:Leather & Cedar Wood
We deliver worldwide £285.00
  • Is the Puro Prestige cigar case the best one yet? -Dirk, @dutchcigars

  • A travel case that's fit for purpose and looks great too Paulo, Lisbon, Portugal

  • The craftsmanship and attention to details is amazing... -Lisardo Vivas, @lisardovivas

  • In love with the Hemingway travel cigar case -MrAFeather, @mrafeather

  • Absolutely stunning -The Cigar Smoker, @thecigarsmoker

  • Gorgeous case -Felicitas Stein

  • Great craftsmanship -Nathan Smith

  • The case, in my opinion, looks incredible -Scotty Habanos

  • Nicest case on the market -Matt Messerly

  • One of the more beautiful cases we've seen -Boveda

  • Will definitely recommend -Tony Koneski, Australia

  • A lovely new travelling humidor, designed with the cigar lover in mind -The Arbuturian

  • A perfect post dinner talking point -Harper’s Bazaar

  • I recommend the case to everyone who asks about it -Gabriel P

Also Available In Ostrich Style Leather, Camouflage & Black