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Your Travel Companion

Traveling and cigar smoking: two of our favourite pastimes. Our cigar travel cases are our way of addressing the needs of both these activities. We’ve created a cigar case that exudes both the British tastes for class and pragmatism – every practical need is catered for in a way designed to impress both the aesthetic and tactile senses. A Puro Prestige cigar case is more than an accessory; it’s a companion.

The Churchill Edition
Blue Leather

The Churchill Edition cigar travel case is the pinnacle of style, class and pragmatism. Understated yet sophisticated, practical yet stylish, it is a truly British artisan product.

Our ostrich skin-style blue case has a higher quality of leather and has an expanded rack to take cigars up to 7 inches in length, so it can comfortably fit Churchill-style cigars.


Order your exclusive blue leather Churchill Edition cigar travel case now for £285.00


Material:Leather & Cedar Wood
We deliver worldwide £285.00