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The Churchill Edition
Burgundy Leather

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The Puro Prestige Travel Case is the pinnacle of style, class and pragmatism. Understated yet sophisticated, practical yet stylish, it is a truly British artisan product.

This Churchill Edition case has an expanded rack to take cigars up to 7 inches in length, so it can comfortably fit Churchill-style cigars.

The Hemingwau Edition cases come shipped with a 24k gold plated rest (worth £60) from us at Puro Prestige as a thank you for your custom. See more options below.

Order your case now for £275.


We deliver worldwide £275.00

Also Available In Original Leather, Camouflage, Blue & Black

As approved by:
  • Cigar Journal
  • The Arbuturian
  • Harper's Bazaar
  • Boisdale
  • Cigar Aficionado
  • The Ideal Travel Companion

    The Ideal Travel Companion

    Puro Prestige is a company founded by people who wanted a way to keep their sticks fresh while on the move. Our travel case is the resultant creation – a leather travel case that exudes both the British tastes for classy elegance and pragmatism.

    Designed to impress both the aesthetic and tactile senses, our travel case is the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or family member.

  • Premium Cedar Wood Rack

    Premium Cedar Wood Rack

    The rack within the travel case is hand-crafted using premium cedar wood. It prevents the build-up of moisture by naturally absorbing and releasing humidity as needed, thereby ensuring your sticks remain fresh and flavourful.

  • Stylish Leather Design

    Stylish Leather Design

    The Puro Prestige Travel Cases are constructed using high quality leather with an ostrich skin-style finish, giving them a rugged-yet-elegant feel. They’re built to last, with every case painstakingly inspected to ensure the consumer receives the class of product they expect.

The case, in my opinion, looks incredible Scotty Habanos